How to Choose the Right Column for your Home Design Project

Columns have been a popular architectural design feature for thousands of years. It’s no wonder these structures have drawn admiration as their sophistication adds classical elegance to any design layout. However, choosing the right type of column for your home can be a challenge. And with all the decisions from material to shape to location, it can seem more like a chore. Home projects should be fun not stressful! That’s why we’ve developed a list of five questions you should ask yourself when considering using columns. These questions will help you decide which material to use, determine which capital and base fits your home style, and identify possible safety concerns.

What types of materials do I use in my home?
Identifying the types of materials you use in your home can help you decide what material to choose for your columns. Make sure to consider the colors and textures that are associated with those elements as they will be important in your decision. Columns come in a variety of materials including wood, stone, steel, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, and many more. Although the large range allows for maximized creativity, narrowing down the choices can be a challenge.

What is your maintenance preference?
If you’re still struggling with question #1, you might have better luck after you consider your maintenance preference. Keep in mind that different materials require a different level of maintenance. In some cases, this can also vary depending on whether the columns are used for interior or exterior design. For example, cast stone provides low up-keep for those that don’t want to worry about their columns after installation.  On the other hand, fiberglass columns require repainting every now and again to preserve their beauty.

What is my home design style?
Next, you’ll need to pinpoint your style. Answering this question will once again help you determine material; however, it will also help you make a few other decisions. One of these decisions includes choosing a capital and base. For those seeking simplicity, a Tuscan capital and base is probably the best choice. Whereas, those that desire something more elaborate would be better off selecting a Roman Corinthian or Temple of the Winds Capital. You’ll also be able to determine the column shaft style. Round fluted columns are a likely choice for those interested in a classic look, while the artsy crowd will more often gravitate towards craftsman style.

How can I get creative?
Of course there are always ways to make your columns unique. Including…

…fish tank columns…

fish tank column

…fabric columns…

Fabric Columns

…plant columns…

Plant Column

…or ornately carved columns.

Carved Column

This just goes to show that your column design is only limited by your imagination!


How will these columns be used?
So, now you have your ideal column in mind. Great! But where are you going to put them? Are they going to be used for interior or exterior purposes? Will they be supportive or just decorative? Do you need to add extra support? These are all great things to think about when buying your columns. Although aesthetic appeal is important, stability and safety are always first priority.

If possible, talk to your structural engineer, architect, or personal designer about the best way to incorporate columns. You’re also always welcome to call Unique Stone Products, an innovative provider of quality building materials and architectural design elements, at (262) 783-5848. Our team is always happy to answer your questions. Have fun and good luck with your home project!

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