About Our Fireplaces


Unique Stone Products has an exceptional selection of fireplace stone available from quarries all over the world. We travel throughout Europe and Asia in search of quality color, texture and carve-ability.

Our artisan carvers have spent years perfecting their craft and creating countless works of art that grace the homes of our clients. Honed, polished or maybe an aged finish will complete your masterpiece.

The design process begins with R. Douglas Aungst, our owner and lead design artist. The customer will often contact us with photographs, sketches, magazine cut-outs or internet downloads that relay different aspects of the fireplace they are looking for. Sometimes it’s the entire fireplace in the photo or maybe the legs from one, the mantle shelf from another and the over-mantle from a third or fourth. The design must be made to fit the firebox opening and the wall space, and of course, we will never copy exactly what another person has produced.
Rather, we will use other design elements to achieve a very similar design and often end up with a fireplace that our client loves even more than what they brought to us.

We look forward to hearing from you, and will be excited to help bring your dreams to reality!

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