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“Professional Grade”™ Columns


Royal Corinthian Inc. manufactures our fiberglass and limestone products. We’ve found that their midwest location, attention to detail, and consistency in manufacturing are the best in the country.

All of these columns are less than ½ the weight of concrete or stone but have similar strength. Our product surpasses all BOCA mandates and exceeds most local codes. Plus, the water absorption rate is less than .001% which means you won’t have to worry about cracking during weather changes.

Our product line includes FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) and Cast Limestone/Polymer columns. Both of these products have a color tint added during the blending process which creates a solid color finish throughout. The Fiberglass columns require painting after installation *(see our Painting Fiberglass Columns article). However, our Cast Limestone columns arrive as a finished product. We offer a variety of styles including the following:

– Round or Square
– Tapered or Non-tapered
– Smooth, Fluted, or Roped


Column Sizing and load bearing specs (PDF)


We like to say, “When you walk past our Columns and give them a slap, they have the sound and feel of solid stone, not of a fiberglass canoe!”



Fiberglass/Polymer Columns

Our Fiberglass Columns are made using a resilient and hard-wearing polymer resin which is blended with fiberglass fibers.  These columns will require the customer to add a paint finish to complete the installation, unlike our Limestone Columns.

Limestone/Polymer Columns

Our Limestone/Polymer Stone columns are manufactured using a combination of high-end polymer resin and fine limestone dust resulting in a finished product that is durable and virtually maintenance free. A color pigment is also added to create your desired tint which is infused throughout the column material. Tint color samples are available when requested or we will closely match your own sample.



When installing limestone textured columns, caps, and bases, we highly recommend using Vulkem 116 sealant by Tremco. This is a quality polyurethane caulk product that has excellent qualities when used on both of our pre-cast fiberglass and limestone products.

When joining split columns, caps and bases we found that the only caulk/adhesive company that would feel comfortable to recommend one of their caulks for the job was SIKA . Their SIKA 291 L.O.T. is designed to bond to polymer based fiberglass and other items and will bond even when compressed to 1/8” to 1/16”.

Our parent company RDA Enterprises, LLC also represents Tremco and Sika products and can deliver any of Tremco’s quality products at a great savings. Call us for a quote.

Please call Doug Aungst at 262-783-5848 for more information

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