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We have an outstanding selection of the most popular balustrades available.

HDP (High Density Polyurethane) Balustrade

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Our polyurethane balustrades, which are significantly lighter than any other product, come in a variety of sizes and styles in a smooth, clean finish. Manufactured from High Density Polyurethane, the product has the same density as pine, and yet, it is impervious to rot and insects. The product will not splinter, rot, or separate as similar wood products may. The balustrades are primed white, ready for a final coat of paint. Standard radius’s are available. These balustrades correspond well to our Fiberglass Columns.

Cast Limestone/Polymer Balustrades

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The savings for the Royal Corinthian Balustrade System starts with the rough-in. At approximately 1/4 of the weight of solid limestone or cast concrete balustrades, the need for steel and concrete under-structure is greatly reduced. In fact many of our systems are installed over standard wood framing. Given that fact, the low cost of the components, and the ease of installation; you are able to create a very affordable but rich look for your project.



When installing limestone textured balustrade systems, we highly recommend using Vulkem 116 sealant by Tremco This product has excellent texture matching qualities when used on masonry or pre-cast joints.

When installing HDP smooth painted balustrade systems, we recommend Dymonic FC sealant by Tremco. This product is a fast curing low-modulas polyurethane hybrid sealer.

As a representative for Tremco products, Unique Stone Products can deliver any of Tremco’s quality products at a great savings.

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