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Fiberglass Columns are the specialty here.  The columns department gives you a variety of materials to work with including inexpensive cast fiberglass/polymer, lightweight economical cast limestone/polymer stone, and real turned and carved marble or limestone columns.

Our product line also includes Imported Carved Stone Fireplaces designed by us for you and created from blocks of quarried stone then carved in Bulgaria or Asia. Our Artisan Carvers are capable of a high degree of detail. Our Artisan Designers create custom designs or utilize our standard designs. Unique Stone Products uses only the best quarried stone from around the world.

Balustrades come in a variety of sizes and styles in the cast limestone/polymer line, and the prices can’t be beat! The best bargain can be had by using HDP (high density polyurethane) for your balustrade system…structural and super light weight! And of course, our carved and turned imported stone will come in way below your anticipated pricing.

One of our newest products is the Cast Stone Copings and Window and Door Trim. This has a beautiful carved stone appearance with a light weight installation as a bonus. We use Dow Enerfoam with its’ high adhesive properties to install this product for an amazingly simple job.

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